Unless the Lord builds the house, it ain’t worth it . . .

There’s a verse in the Psalms that has to do, I think, as much with practical care for my material possessions as it does with belief in what or who created those material possessions. In Psalm 127:1, the Good News Translation (a lovely, simple translation) says: “If the LORD does not build the house, theContinue reading “Unless the Lord builds the house, it ain’t worth it . . .”

Will the Real Ideal Please Stand Up?

Dating and mating in middle age. Hmm. Because I am a never-married 68-year-old woman who has always wanted to be married, because I am not dead yet, because I believe that (as Christian author Timothy Keller has said in one of his books) marriage is God’s gift to most people, and because (when I haveContinue reading “Will the Real Ideal Please Stand Up?”

Si camina como un frijol y habla como un frijol, puede que no sea un frijol sino un trozo de caca de perro.

A bodega opened recently in Rochester, New York. It’s on Dewey Avenue about an eight-minute walk from my house on Selye Terrace in the Maplewood neighborhood. I went to check it out yesterday because I love Puerto Rican food and because I read or heard somewhere that the owner’s ostensible purpose was to help addressContinue reading “Si camina como un frijol y habla como un frijol, puede que no sea un frijol sino un trozo de caca de perro.”

No blood on the floor, but something has died

(Above, July 10, 2020, I discover evidence of just the tip of the iceberg in recent damage to irreplaceable old-growth cedar flooring in the attic of my 113-year-old home.) Back in January, the company that does a stellar job of maintaining my furnace told me about an extremely attractive opportunity to weatherize my house byContinue reading “No blood on the floor, but something has died”

I long to be speechless.

I live in that odd part of the United States designated upstate New York. I have for more than thirty years. It’s got history, diversity, beauty, and even, when politicians aren’t getting things completely effed up, opportunity for creative, enterprising, imaginative human beings to chase a dream or two and even catch them. I cameContinue reading “I long to be speechless.”

Steel spines save lives from the brink of death; soft hearts smother them.

I am a strong-minded woman who believes in embracing, nurturing, and aiding the weak until the are able to aid themselves.  And as such, I believe it is the most execrable form of cowardice for a government official charged with protecting weak people from harm to THEN to harm them with panic-driven executive orders andContinue reading “Steel spines save lives from the brink of death; soft hearts smother them.”

Nowhere Man, please listen; don’t you know I’m missing?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay The word “panic” has been used a lot to describe a human emotional response to the current so-called virus pandemic. I say so-called because the only thing modern humans have to compare “our pandemic” to is the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. All we have to go on fromContinue reading “Nowhere Man, please listen; don’t you know I’m missing?”

DNC “Biden” Its Time. Why?

Senator Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama* *From https://pixabay.com/photos/barack-obama-iphone-smile-relaxed-1199638/ From my perspective as an unregistered indie voter who intensely distrusts anything I hear from or about any politician, I am not sure why Biden continues to appeal to any one, especially in light of his many documented verbal gaffes and imprudent behaviors during hisContinue reading “DNC “Biden” Its Time. Why?”

Feelz in the time of cholera*

*El amor en los tiempos del cólera is a novel published in 1985 by Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez. It is, in part, about what constitutes true devotion–to a person or a cause or a faith–and what has the power to shake that devotion or to increase it. A poet and a public servant vieContinue reading “Feelz in the time of cholera*”