Steel spines save lives from the brink of death; soft hearts smother them.

Twitter screen capture regarding virus consequences in NYC for Mother's Day
Twitter screen cap showing a reminder to the Mayor of America’s largest city that he should be doing more than giving his constituents a politician’s holiday hug.

I am a strong-minded woman who believes in embracing, nurturing, and aiding the weak until the are able to aid themselves.  And as such, I believe it is the most execrable form of cowardice for a government official charged with protecting weak people from harm to THEN to harm them with panic-driven executive orders and punitive police behavior and THEN!

To subsequently hide behind his wife and have HER try to save HIS weak, selfish, self-indulgent butt by pretending that New York City (and indeed the entire state of New York) is NOT full of families devastated by the consequences of execrable virus public policy decisions regarding the treatment of the at-risk elderly.

What is this? Joseon-era Korea? Tang Dynasty China?

As they say, we all gotta go sometime. But the mourning and weeping experienced this Mother’s Day because an insecure power-monger thought HE could manage life and death better than God . . . there’s a fountain of tears that his wife’s cheery televised wishes will never dry up.

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