DNC “Biden” Its Time. Why?

Image by photographer Senator Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama*

*From https://pixabay.com/photos/barack-obama-iphone-smile-relaxed-1199638/

From my perspective as an unregistered indie voter who intensely distrusts anything I hear from or about any politician, I am not sure why Biden continues to appeal to any one, especially in light of his many documented verbal gaffes and imprudent behaviors during his time in Washington.

Maybe someone is more aware than I am about why the Democratic National Committee thinks it’s a good reason reason to ignore irrational, dismissive, and frivolous behavior in senior, Congressional, near-retirement leaders. From my perspective, the DNC seems extremely blind to how offensive certain comments are to conservative members of the Democratic voter base.

And by conservative, I mean Dems and independent voters who of varied ethnic heritages, who are lower-middle class and working class, who live in the South and the Midwest (and in upstate New York), who own guns, who are religious, who work in factories and in McJobs, who will (if they can) work three and even four jobs rather than borrow money or go on assistance, who take pride in their children’s educational accomplishments and support and dialog with their teachers, who often live in multi-generational family groups, who are proud, even if they are reluctant, to see their offspring become members of the military, the police, the fire department.

I myself would very much welcome someone like Tulsi Gabbard as the DNC-supported, funded, and offically propagandized presidential candidate. She is an indigenous American-Samoan, Hindu, business-owning, average-citizen supporting, problem-solving, absolutely inclusive member of Congress.

She has more warmth than Mayor Pete, has issues with Congresspersons who advocate for female genital mutilation and collaboration with governments that seek the harm of our military overseas, and is popular with Millenials.

It doesn’t seem logical and is certain not indicative of common sense that the DNC is blind to the damage that their support of Biden–or any other Old Dem–is doing within the “conservatively liberal” populations. Those are the folks they must convince if they want any chance of electing a candidate who can STRONGLY WIN.)

For example, the lack of DNC explanation about this seems incredibly . . . weird:

YouTube screen cap from Australia's Sky news From Washington Post YouTube channel

Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored

Sky News Australia–1,968,444 views–March  12, 2020

“Sky News host Rita Panahi says “no matter how hard the Democrats and their allies in the media try, Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored.”

And there is little DNC adulting and a lot of cricketing in the handling of this information:

Screen cap from Washington Post YouTube channel Screen cap from Washington Post YouTube channel

Will Biden’s gaffes catch up to him in 2020?

Washington Post 159,285 views–Aug 14, 2019

“The Washington Post’s Matt Viser analyzes a string of recent gaffes by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and what they might mean in the 2020 presidential campaign. Read more: https://wapo.st/2Z2C1H4.”

More DNC non-adulting and cricketing attaches to this information that suggests Tulsi was ignored by the DNC at the nominating convention despite younger generations expressing a preference for her ideas and leadership style:

Screen cap from Bold TV YouTube ChannelScreen cap from Bold TV YouTube Channel

Bold TV

2.1K subscribers 1,059 views–May 14, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard, Representative from Hawaii and 2020 candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, joined Bold TV host Julia Sun at Anthony Scaramucci’s Salt Conference to discuss her policy ideas.

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