Facebook Pimpin and We Be The Hoes

I seriously believe that a lot of the fear and frustration and depression and anger regarding NCOVID-19 has to do with very obvious economic and cultural brainwashing more than any supposed secret political or religious brainwashing.

I have recently started thinking about what people in the United States were sucking in through the media about 20 years before any major crisis–social, political, economic, whatever. We were being shaped mentally and emotionally to have certain expectations of how our lives should unfold by advertisements on TV, in movie theater previews, on bilboards, in fashion magazines, even on the fronts of family restaurant placemats and the backs of cereal boxes.

Even people who rejected the belief that the good life is all about material prosperity were affected by whatever self-glorifying, self-protecting, self-gratifying propaganda was floating in the air.

Unless people belonged to a cult or to very conservative groups such as the Mennonites, the Amish, or the Hasidim, inevitably men and women, boys and girls, old and young gave some kind of nod to whatever kinds of clothes, food, cars, and even romantic fads were being touted as the things that would make life perfect.

Facebook is, for my money, an apt symbol of what is going on in American culture right now.

Facebook started out making certain promises to the people who joined its virtual family. All free all the time forever. All fun all the time forever. Not disclosing that it used data from FB members’ perusal of ads to guarantee to advertisers a terrific return on their investment in FB.

And then when it turned out that the data was usually very personal information and was being stolen by organizations and individuals who wanted to damage the reputation and reliability of Facebook and its advertisers . . . with users’ lives being seriously damaged in the wake of such activity . . .


The anger, the outrage! “How could you do this? How could you break your promises? You promised technology would bring us together and keep us safe and happy FOREVER!”

Because users were seduced by false promises. Doesn’t change the fact that FB played what I can think of only as evil, cynical, head-tripping, wham-bam-thank-you-gullible-victim, psychological manipulation games.

Nevertheless, FB users are equally culpable when it comes to having their peace of mind, their reputations, their bank accounts, their relationships, and even their computers damaged . . . sometimes beyond repair.

Even now that FB has “given more control” to users in being able to select and reject the number and types of ads they see, it is still possible for FB and friends to see and use data from ads that users neglect to “X out of”–which must be done ad by ad on a daily basis.

This is because, every time someone in a FB circle of friends posts a link to a video they think is view-worthy, FB magically and surreptitiously makes note of the ad and stores under the category of “advertising preferences” in a user’s account information.  If the user does not clear the preferences EVERY DAY, then, in many subtle and nefarious ways, the user is a sitting duck, advertising-wise, for FB, its advertisers, and its invisible cloud of hackers who have ways of witnessing what users do every time they post.

Practicing good virus hygiene on FB is important but rarely done.  So screaming at FB when something goes wrong with an account . . . probably very satisfying, but screaming by itself doesn’t “kill” hackers in the least.

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